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Issue 016: The Water Issue

Issue 016: The Water Issue


Before the dawn of civilization, there were 326 million trillion gallons of water on Earth. Today, after millennia of population growth, industry, and agriculture, there are still 326 million trillion gallons. Unlike other natural resources, we cannot run out of water.

But it doesn’t mean that we always will have enough of it when and where we need it or that we can’t make it too dirty to drink. We have altered the water cycle—from ocean to cloud to ground and back to ocean—by putting 6 billion people in the middle of it. Now, the Earth isn’t generating clean, drinkable water as we’ve come to expect.

But if we start paying attention and change our behavior, there is no need to worry about water. We can use less, limit our effect on the water cycle, and clean and protect our rivers and oceans. We have plenty, as long as we drink responsibly.

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This issue is available in the GOOD Environment bundle: $15 for 2 issues.

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